Author Guideline

Jurnal Seni Nasional CIKINI is published two (two) times a year, which is every June and December every year. This journal is published by the Lembaga Penelitian Pengembangan Masyarakat - Institut Kesenian Jakarta.

Authors who wish to include their articles can be sent via e-mail, at Confirmation of the receipt of the article will be submitted through the same email address, or can contact the telephone number (021) 2306106.

The conditions for writing Jurnal Seni Nasional CIKINI are as follows:

  1. The article submitted must be the work of the author himself, not the result of plagiarism, and has never been published in other journal collection media.
  2. If it is known in the future that the writing published is the result of plagiarism without the knowledge of Jurnal Seni Nasional CIKINI, then the author will be fully responsible for any sanctions that may be imposed on author himself.
  3. The article submitted must be a research / study journal related to the arts and culture.
  4. Submissions must be in Times New Roman font, 12 font sizes, ranging from 3,500 to 5,000 words, and must use the .doc or .docx format.
  5. Jurnal Seni Nasional CIKINI, only accept writing in soft copy via e-mail.
  6. The systematic sequence of writing is: article title, author's name, abstract (in Indonesian), keywords, article content, and bibliography.
  7. The length of the writing abstraction ranges from 70-100 words.
  8. The number of keywords listed is at least 3 words.
  9. Bibliography only contains the reference sources mentioned in the article.
  10. Reference sources must be in the form of primary sources, including: books, research articles, journals, and research reports).
  11. Every reference included in the writing can be in the form of footnotes or endnotes.
  12. Each article submitted will be reviewed by the editorial board, and if there is a discrepancy with the specified format, the article will be returned and given an opportunity to be revised.
  13. The editorial board has the right to edit articles without changing the subject matter of the author.
  14. Every article to be published must follow the revised direction given by the editorial board.
  15. In addition to sending writing, it is recommended that the author also include a brief bidoata (2-5 sentences).
  16. Authors whose writings are published will get proof of loading in 2 (two) copies.
  17. The author must follow the provisions of this writing, to be published in the Jurnal Seni Nasional CIKINI.